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    Date: 7/18/2014 12:56 PM

    A few years ago my grandma passed away then my grandpa. I was so depressed. I took it out on myself I started exercising and not eating. I lost so much weight. In 10th grade my niece passed away. I was SO depressed and lonely. I again blamed myself. At the end of 10th grade I had a seizure from not eating and stress. I was then diagnosed with depression, anxiety and epilepsy. I didn't leave my house sometimes even my room. I was so scared to live my life outside of my house. Then at the beginning of 11th grade I was diagnosed with anorexia I was put in the hospital. I hated life. Then I put my faith in Christ. I then started to get better. I was discharged from the hospital. I haven't had another seizure in over a year and I'm no longer taking my anxiety medicine. God has reset my life!! I am now a RESET Rep for the RESET movement. Life is amazing now since I am following GOD. Its wonderful. I want to go around telling people my story and helping them RESET their lives with CHRIST.

    Thanks for this great story !

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