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    Land of Mercy


    from the album The Message

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    This is a strange familiar place
    Where I am living
    The world that was and what's become
    Are not the same
    I see the evidence of grace
    Without forgetting
    How far I've had to come
    To get me where I am today

    If justice had the only say
    Well I would not be here
    Cause less than anything
    Is more than I deserve
    But I can put the past away
    There's nothing left to judge
    Forgiveness is the final word

    Everywhere I turn
    I see compassion but I'm learning
    I'm just a fallen man
    In the land of mercy
    Love is free to grow
    Where Heaven's healing waters flow
    Though I may not understand
    I'm living in the land of mercy

    It seems I never have to ask
    For what I'm given
    I see the answer long before I see the need
    No longer looking to the past
    As just a prison
    For what has been helps me remember
    What I used to be


    Though I may walk through the valley below
    I will not fear because I know
    who rules this world I'm walking through


    Love is free
    I'm living in the land of mercy
    Tell me what you see
    I'm living in the land of mercy
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