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    Through His Eyes


    from the album The Basics Of Life

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    So confused, all of them stood surprised
    For there was no hatred in His eyes
    Jesus knew none of them realized
    They were the reason He must die
    Though the words they said
    Condemned Him to death at Calvary
    He knew deep inside that

    If we could see
    through His eyes
    Then we could dare to love
    the way God loves
    If we could see
    through His eyes
    Then we would understand
    the way God understands
    For His eyes see through the
    surface right down to our needs
    Far beyond where we are
    to where we can be
    If we could only see
    through His eyes

    In God's sight there is no black or white
    ‘Cause it isn't color that He sees
    (For) side by side, we are so much alike
    For we were created equally
    And though years and time
    Have built walls and lines
    Between us, I'll always believe that

    I know that in God's providence
    there is a higher plan
    For He alone creates
    a perfect heart
    And He desires to seethe good
    Iin each and every man
    That He has purposed
    from the start

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