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When It Comes To Livin'

There's only one thing
That matters in life
In spite of the way
It might seem
It's not when you're born
It's not when you die
But what have you done
In between
So don't spend your days
In a useless parade
Of momentary matters
When we can change
What forever remains

When it comes to livin'
We've only got one life
When it comes to dyin'
It's just a matter of time
But everybody's got
A choice to make
For we all can make
A difference in life
Are you gonna take a stand
For what's right
When it comes your time

Sometimes I feel like we're
Moving too fast
In search
Of the meaning of truth
With no place to turn
And no one to ask
I wonder
Just who's leading who
But time after time
There's a courage I find
To stand up to temptation
I'm building faith
With each choice that I make

One thing's for certain
This crazy world is searching
For a guiding light
We can't deny that humanity
Is crying out
For Jesus Christ


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When It Comes To Livin'
from the album The Basics Of Life
When It Comes To Livin'