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    Chris August

    Chris August's latest song, "Restore," off the album The Upside of Down (August 21, 2012), is a great reminder of how God can restore our lives in a time of need. "While I was out touring, I kept having people come up and tell me how much this song meant to them. Many of the stories were about a husband and wife not giving up on their marriage. I was so encouraged every time someone would tell me this. Not because it was a song that I had written that helped them, but to know that people are really leaning on God to restore them in a time of need," Chris explains. "After hearing this over and over I knew I wanted to write a song about it. That’s how Restore started."

    He continues, "I kept thinking about how our society makes it so easy to just quit. I’ve seen billboards advertising quick and cheap divorces. I’m sure some people are starting to wonder, what is the point of committing considering it seems like most marriages don’t work out in the end. This is why I felt like this song had to be on this record. We need to be reminded that God wants to heal us. He wants us to fight for it and not to give up. The enemy is going to try and divide up the family. He’s going to use our weaknesses. He will make it seem like there is no way we could ever fix what went wrong. The good news is that God is bigger than our weaknesses and He can heal even the most broken heart. So in a time when it feels like nobody is growing old together, put Jesus in the middle. He will restore."

    This song follows Chris' hit, "Center of It."August suffered a horrible skateboarding accident this year, that landed him in the hospital, and even caused him to lose his sense of smell. Chris wrote the song, "Center of It," before the accident, but now the song has a whole new meaning to him, “Center of it was kind of like an idea I had...I never had anything that serious happen, I wasn’t going through it,” he said to K-LOVE’s Scott and Kelli. “Then all of sudden towards the end of making my record, I had this serious accident and I was in the hospital and doctors told me it was going to take a year to recover. I listen to this song, and its crazy how much it hits me. It really makes me feel good in the sense that I’m glad God put it on my heart at the time I wrote it because it’s been so encouraging to me.”

    Prior to "Center of It," Chris debuted with his more universal single “Starry Night.” The song reflects on God's immense creation and brought Chris back the strongest love he had ever experienced, that of God. 

    Aside from his deeply personal songs, Chris is very well known for his great sense of humor, evident in his infamous "Candy Wrap." The Dallas native has also worked outside of the Christian music spectrum; collaborating with artists such as Jessica Simpson, Brian McKnight and Ryan Cabrera.

    Influenced by his general market peers John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw and even legendary performer Stevie Wonder, Chris candidly writes about faith, hope and love and merges his musings with a catchy pop/rock sound meant to draw in listeners from all walks of life.

    “Even in the ‘down’ part of life, I’ve had such intimate moments with friends being at my house and lifting me in prayer- I’m really connecting with Christ on a new level," Chris says. "I couldn’t ask for anything else through all this!”


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