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    Royal Tailor

    The band Royal Tailor has a passion to reach the younger generations with their blend of pop, rock, R&B, hip hop and worship. Their latest song, "Remain," off the album Royal Tailor (October 18, 2013) talks about the unconditional love we can only find in Christ. 

    “These days the love we see being expressed is fickle. It’s conditional. One moment someone will tell you they love you and the next be gone,"explains lead singer Tauren Wells. "But that isn’t love at all. This song speaks of a promise we have from God, and a promise we should be keeping to each other. That no matter what, my love will remain.” 

    Royal Tailor got their start after Tauren met up with Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram and D.J. Cox while in Bible college. After college, the band spent a year working full time mentoring and teaching youth to lead worship services in a church in Granite City, Illinois. 

    Their work inspired much of the music on their Grammy nominated debut album Black and White, which included the song, “Hold Me Together.”"We feel like there's an identity crisis in our generation," says D.J. "Everybody is searching, and we want to give an identity to those searching for Christ. We want to give them the truth. The songs on this record take you through a journey of faith and boldness. We encourage youth to have faith, step out, and be who they are. Believe in God even when it's hard.”

    But with everything they do, the goal of the band is to use their music to inspire others and reach as many listeners as possible."We want people to come and enjoy the music, have fun and enjoy the presence of God,” Tauren says. “But we also want to inspire them to go out and do something with that, like it has inspired us. We want to encourage them to get ready and go get plugged into their community, in their schools, in their churches and make a difference. We want people to know you can be who you want to be, you can achieve what you want to achieve and realize we’ve all been created for something greater than ourselves”


    Black and White
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    Royal Tailor
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