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The Museum

Museums can often be solemn yet beautiful places that mark a particular point in history with a collection of unique artifacts. But for the four guys in the Atlanta-based band The Museum, their goal is to put God’s pervasive love and hope on display through their worship-focused songs like “My Help Comes From the Lord” and “Allelujah” off their album Let Love Win. Inspired by Psalm 121, Museum lead vocalist Ben Richter says “My Help Comes From the Lord” is a great reminder that God really does protect our lives and will give believers the strength they need—even in life’s darkest hours.

The Museum was first formed when Ben, leading worship at a church in Georgia, met drummer/programmer Josh Kirk, then a janitor at the church. They began to lead worship together and the guys went on to travel on musical mission trips around the world. While in Romania, Josh was impacted by a Christian gathering taking place where communism was overthrown in 1989. A museum near the gathering contained evidence from the revolution and eventually led to the band’s namesake.

“We decided the band would be called The Museum,” Josh says, “because we hope our music and those we share it with can be the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in our hearts.”

Chris Brink (bass, vocals) joined Ben and Josh in 2009, and even with their album release in 2010, the band remain committed to leading worship on Sunday mornings at their church near Atlanta, GA. “I believe the local church is the hope of the world, therefore it has to be at the center of our ministry,” explains Ben. In addition to The Museum’s dedication to the local church, the band is an advocate for Not For Sale, a group focused on fighting human trafficking and the global slave trade.

The Museum's latest album My Only Rescue (August 28, 2012), is a step forward for the band creatively and spiritually, “We are called to write songs for the church,” said frontman Ben Richter. “Whether they are heard on the radio, at one of our shows, or on the album, we hope that our purpose rings out loud and clear. If we are not living lives that bring glory to Christ and that show His love to the hurting and vulnerable, we might as well not bother singing worship songs at all.”


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