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  • Aaron Shust

    To God Alone

    Aaron Shust

    from the album Take Over
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    Can you take me by the hand
    Can you use me as I am
    Break me into who you want me to be
    When the time is finally right

    You will open up my eyes
    Show me everything you want me to see
    This life is not my own

    To God alone be the glory
    To God alone be the praise
    Everything I say and do
    Let it be all for you

    The glory is yours alone
    Yours alone Take the offering
    I bring You want more than what I sing
    Can I give you every part of me

    Turn these pennies into gold
    Take this life I call my own
    Until I'm running after your heart
    I'm needing to let go

    We will rise and we will fall
    But you remain after all
    You're glorious and beautiful You're beautiful
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