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  • Addison Road

    All That Matters

    Addison Road

    from the album Addison Road
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    I may never be the one that gets a second glance
    I may never be the one they call the prettiest
    But that's alright with me

    And maybe I don't follow every crazy passion
    Spend all my time trying to get a good reaction
    But that's ok with me

    This world is like a trampoline
    High and low no in between
    Jumping at the chance to please
    Everyone but that's not me

    Cause all that matters is
    All that matters is
    I know your love has set me free
    And that's all that matters to me

    Some people tell me to step out and do my own thing
    And others say I got to blend in just to be the same
    And stop being me

    But this shallow world is no longer what I'm made of
    I've been changed by grace
    I've been saved by love
    What more do I need


    My life comes from the One
    Who made the stars and brought the sun
    He loves me more than these
    So I don't need another identity

    In this life, you're my only one
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