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Don't Wait

Today I lost a friend of mine
I never even got to say goodbye
I thought we had time to burn
But life is short
You only get one turn

Whoa, gone before you know
Whoa, so make the most

We're not indestructible
Our lives, unpredictable
It can turn on a dime
So now is the time
Don't wait
Don't wait
Gotta live today
Gotta live today, today

So here I am wide awake
Blinded by a brand new day
Every breath given to me
Is a gift I want to redeem

Whoa, the minutes they unwind
Whoa, so I gotta make the time

Chorus X2

In the blink of an eye
You snap and time goes by
Time goes by

We'll wonder where it all went
If we forget
So don't forget

Chorus X2

Gotta live today
You gotta live today
Don't wait

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Addison Road
Don't Wait
from the album Stories
Don't Wait
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