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    Audio Adrenaline

    Originally known as A-180, Audio Adrenaline officially got its start in 1986 when a group of students from Kentucky Christian University decided to play music together. Led by future frontman for Audio Adrenaline, Mark Stuart, the band temporarily disbanded for a year while Mark spent a year doing mission work in Haiti, but soon reunited to become a popular local act.

    The band then released two independent projects as A-180, and eventually got its big break and signed a record deal. While Audio Adrenaline’s fan base was definitely growing, it was their hit single “Big House”, that put them on the map and scored them one of the biggest songs in Christian music history.

    After parting ways several years ago, Audio Adrenaline announced in August 2012, that the band will be resurfacing as a new entity. Audio Adrenaline has recruited a whole new band with dc Talk singer Kevin Max as the lead vocalist, former Superchick member Dave Ghazarian on guitar, Bleach drummer Jared Byers on drums, Jason Walker on keys, and Will McGinniss- of the original band- on bass. 

    Even though lead singer Mark Stuart will not be returning due to vocal spasmodic dysphonia- a condition which causes painful muscle spasms of the larynx- he is still involved is the album process for the new band. "I've never been more excited about an Audio A record,” Stuart says. “We've collectively poured into each song for months, and I love every track. Being able to help write and direct the process of putting the band back together has been an absolute joy. I can't wait to see our fans sing along with Kevin on the AA classics and fall in love with the new songs."

    Before the band change, Audio Adrenaline showed no signs of slowing down. With the release of Some Kind of Zombie (1997) and Hit Parade (2001), the now  Grammy and Dove Award-winning band's greatest hits were conveniently on one disc, including “Hands and Feet,” and the aforementioned “Big House”.

    On later albums, the band’s passion for missions continued to be front and center. With 2003’s Worldwide, the band made its debut into worship music before rockin’ out again on 2005’s Until My Heart Caves In.

    In addition to playing a steady stream of live shows, the band also founded “The Hands and Feet Project,” an orphanage for children in Haiti where Mark’s parents have always done missions work. Mark continues to be part of the project today, even after the break-up of the band.

    After announcing that the original band was splitting, the band performed a live final show, where they pulled out all the stops at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, and followed that with a CD/DVD combo titled Live From Hawaii: The Farewell Concert released in 2007. The band then released their final album titled, Audio Adrenaline: Greatest Hits (October, 2008), a record comprised of many of their biggest hits.

    The new Audio Adrenaline recently released their first single "King & Queens," on October 26, 2012, off their new album of the same title (March 12, 2013). "This album is really a bridge album for people that loved Audio Adrenaline in the past and have no concept of where we're going," new lead singer Kevin Max says. "We really tried to create an album that was a radio album because we knew that we wanted to get back out there. We wanted to let people hear what we're doing. If we came out with a rock record where radio couldn't play anything we thought it would defeat the purpose, so if anything this album kind of steers on the side of being a little more pop than what I'm used to."

    The band is at it again with their latest single,"Believer-" a song that is a great reminder that Christ is alive, and that he will never leaves us. The song is featured in the upcoming movie, "Beyond Sight," a film that shares to true story of blind surfer Derek Rabelo.

    Audio Adrenaline is currently out on their King & Queens Tour, recently announcing more dates and will be performing in thirty additional cities across the nation. The band will be joined by Disciple, Stellar Kart, and Ryan Stevenson.


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    Hit Parade
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    WOW Christmas 2002
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    Until My Heart Caves In
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    Don't Censor Me
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