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    Audio Adrenaline

    from the album Worldwide
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    Tired of being clean, sick of being proper
    I wanna live among the beggars
    And dig out in the dirt
    Fed up with religion
    And all the pious people talking
    Wanna hang out with the homeless
    And show them what they're worth

    Sometimes we just need to get a little messy
    The God I serve isn't always safe
    Step outside the walls,
    We build to protect us
    Don't be afraid, get some mud on your face

    Let's get dirty, let's get used
    No matter where you come from
    If you're beaten up or bruised
    Let's get foolish, let's get free
    Free to be the one thing
    We were meant to be – Get dirty

    You might get a bruise or some blisters on your fingers
    You might start a question, and wonder what it's worth
    You may slip and fall from the burdens that you carry
    But you can't have this treasure,
    till you dig it from the dirt


    Come on, come on, everybody
    Come on, come on, serve somebody
    Come on, come on, everybody
    Come on, come on, serve somebody

    (Chorus – 2 More Times)
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