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I am free, for the first time
leave the years behind
in front of me is open sky
I'm soaring the trees
I can see further than before
Everything's different now,
now that You've ruined my life

You took my dreams
and stole my schemes
turned my life upside down
You took my heart
sold every part
and made a miracle

Now I can see
see a new start
the burden's gone
You gave me all the words and melodies
Now I can be at Your feet
Your place for me
everything's beautiful
now that You've riuned my life


And I'm wide awake
And tonight I'm safe (yeah)
In Your arms, I'll sing it out
How you made a miracle...
on top of the trees
I can see further than before
everything's different now...


made a miracle,
made it a miracle

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Audio Adrenaline
from the album Worldwide
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