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    Audrey Assad

    She’s already contributed her standout vocals to songs by Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath and Matt Maher, and now, singer/songwriter Audrey Assad is poised to make her own musical statement with the release of her debut, The House You’re Building.

    After garnering one of the strongest debuts on the Christian/Gospel Singles chart on iTunes for her recent song "For Love of You", the New Jersey native will continue exploring theology and faith in a complicated world on The House You’re Building, a collaborative effort between Audrey and several well-known songwriters within the Christian music community.

    Also inspiring her music is a longtime love of literature; whether it’s poems by Gerard Manley and Francis Thomas or the works of some of her favorite writers including C.S. Lewis and St. Augustine. Audrey’s first single “For Love of You,” which has already made a big impression on Christian radio by securing the highest debut the week it first hit airwaves, was inspired by the Hopkins poem “As Kingfishers Catch Fire.”

    When describing her work, Audrey says it’s about faith—pure and simple. “It’s about the cross and fear and pain and how God is carrying me even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it,” Audrey explains. “[My producer] Marshall Altman pulled things out of me emotionally that I don’t think I’d ever accessed, making me realize that every time I sing these songs, I have to channel my pain and walk through it… That’s been my journey the last few years, learning to believe that and walk in that acceptance of God choosing me. That’s what my journey will probably always be. The first reason I write songs is to preach to myself.”



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