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August Rain

Indie recording artists August Rain, have caught the attention of many with their unique musical style and encouraging lyrics. Mixing influences from rock, country, and blues, the band began when Frank Bowen (drums) and Josh Kirk (lead vocals, guitar) decided to have an impromptu music session, playing and writing songs together back in 2007.

Shorty after, Frank’s wife Denise Bowen (keys), Paul Kendall (lead guitar), and Matthew Janzen (bass), all joined the group and decided to call themselves August Rain. “We started the band in August in 2007 and at the time in Atlanta, Georgia we were experiencing severe drought and needed rain,” explains Matthew Janzen. “So that’s how we came up with that name. Obviously we needed physical rain, but we looked at rain spiritually as well 'cause we all have times in our life when we have drought and need God to send us rain.”

Nearly a year after coming together, the band released their debut self-tilted album in 2008, featuring “Wonderful Savior,” a song which focuses on the everyday blessings that God has given us, “We wanted to write a song about how wonderful our Savior is,” said Matthew Janzen. “We wrote that song so anybody could relate to it. We wanted it to be black and white, and help people recognize that those blessings God gives us are from him.”

Following the release of August Rain, Josh Kirk left the band and bassist Matthew Janzen took over the position as lead singer. Erick Janzen then joined the group to play bass, and the changes broadened their musical style on their most recent album Time (October 1, 2011).

Their latest song, “Show Me The Light,” off the album Time,  is a catchy, upbeat song with a positive message.“Its so easy to show people your dark side and to be grumpy and grouchy,” said Paul Kendall. “So why not put a little effort forward and try to be a light to somebody?”


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