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  • BarlowGirl

    Hallelujah (Light Has Come)


    from the album Home for Christmas
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    Hmmm my Baby
    Heaven sent you to me
    All the worlds been praying
    Who will Save?
    But who am I
    That here tonight
    I hold the one
    Who'll Bring us life

    We've been found
    A child is born
    To save us now
    Hallelujah light has come
    A Savior who will set us free
    A Promise for those who believe

    Do you hear the Angels
    Sing for you my baby
    Men and kings have come to
    Bow to you
    But here in my arms

    So close to me
    The son of God
    Now all can see

    Hallelujah We've been found
    A child is born to save us now
    Jesus Halleluiah light has come
    A savior set us free

    So praise to God on high
    He has heard our cry
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