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    You're Worthy Of My Praise

    BarlowGirl/Big Daddy Weave

    from the album What I Was Made For
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    I will worship, I will worship
    With all my heart, with all my heart
    And I will praise you I will praise you
    With all my strength, With all my strength
    And I will seek you, I will seek you
    All of my days, all my days
    Oh and I will follow, I will follow
    Follow all your way, all your ways

    I will give You all my worship
    I will give You all my praise
    You alone I long to worship
    You alone are worthy of my praise

    I will bow down, I will bow down
    And hail You as King, hail You as King
    And I will serve You, I will serve You
    I'll give You everything, I'll give You everything
    Oh and I will lift up, I will lift up
    My eyes to Your throne, my eyes to Your throne
    Oh and I will trust You, I will trust You
    Oh I will trust You alone, trust You alone

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