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I'll Be Brave This Christmas

Dear Daddy, I missed you today
When Momma unpacked our old Christmas tree
And that sweet angel never looked so good on top
But my heart felt sad when you weren't there to lift me
It's been a while since you went off to fight the war
So this year it won't be presents I'll be wishing for

I'll be brave this Christmas
While you're still far away
And I'll kneel beside my bed each night
Praying Jesus keeps you safe
'Cause I'm so proud of you,
I hope you come home soon
But until you do,
I'll be brave this Christmas

I see bright colors light up the Wilson's house
While rockets flash across your evening sky
And we sing carols, ooh, all over town
While you're living out the cost of peace on earth tonight
But if another little boy can grow up just like me
Living in a land that's safe and free


Freedom isn't free,
there's a price to pay when duty calls
It takes sacrifice from us all


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Big Daddy Weave
I'll Be Brave This Christmas
from the album Christ Is Come
I'll Be Brave This Christmas
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