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  • Big Daddy Weave

    In Christ

    Big Daddy Weave

    from the album One And Only
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    Well I may not be the greatest man to walk this earth
    But I know who is
    And I may not amount to what you think is much
    But I already do to Him
    While people keep searching for answers
    Looking for a light in the dark
    I'm standing with the answer
    Cause He is living in my heart

    In Christ I can do all things
    In Christ I mount up on eagle's wings
    In Christ I wait for a great reward
    That I have in store
    In Christ I have His righteousness
    In Christ I have what I confess
    In Christ I don't worry about all the rest
    Cause everything I need to be is in Christ

    Well you might think that I'm sounding all too prideful
    But let me tell you something true
    The very one who lives inside of me right now
    Wants to live inside of you
    Instead of searching any longer
    You can have peace today
    You can take hold of the answer
    Then you'll be able to say

    In Him we live and move
    And in Him we have our being
    As we all live in Him
    Together we can sing
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