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    What I Was Made For

    Big Daddy Weave

    from the album What I Was Made For
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    I used to think that I was never good enough to cut it
    I bought the lines that they were selling time after time
    But when You opened up my mind and I refused to shut it
    You brought me to a place where I could leave it all behind

    Good-bye to my old life
    I don't listen to those lies anymore
    You've given me new life
    Loving You is what I was made for
    What I was made for

    It took a while for me to see but when I finally saw it
    I knew I had to leave my sorted past in the past
    I couldn't get there on my own it was Your grace that taught it
    My sin is covered in Your blood and I'm not looking back

    Chorus: (2x's)

    You saw right through me
    Your kindness drew me
    Your mercy knew me
    Your love came to me

    Chorus: (2x's)
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