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Illuminating lights under my skin
Radiation so intoxicating burning within
Feel the heat slowly rising
The beat thats hypnotizing
A wonder can you feel it

Fire thats so contagious
Its taking over me
And you cant stop it

Oh, oh
Turn the lights down so we can
Glow, glow
Watch us come alive
Were gonna
Show you something real
Like a city on a hill
Oh, oh
Were gonna glow

They see us coming from miles away
Theres no hiding, no denying,
Cause were not ashamed
With our hands up in the air
Boys and girls they start to stare
Its a wonder, can you feel it

We will not be silent
Wont hide it
The time is now
And you cant stop it

Oh, oh, here we go
Welcome to the show
Lights shining, so blinding
From our head to our toes
When this room blacks out
You know we will stand out
So come on, oh
Were gonna glow!


Oh, oh here we go
Like a shooting star
Well l-l-l-light up your heart


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Britt Nicole
from the album The Lost Get Found
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