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Through Your Eyes

Get it together
That's what I say to me
I put on the pressure
You could do better
Be who you're supposed to be

But that's when You came in
Right when I needed You
You said all of the things that I was believing
Not one of them were true

You lifted my head up
I was keeping my head down
I didn't know love
But I do now

You stood right there and then You broke apart the lies
And You told me
I had something beautiful inside
You brought to life the part of me I thought had died
‘Cause You stood right there until I saw me through Your eyes

So this is living
So this is free
Not keeping score
Not anymore
Not since You rescued me

You love me even when I fall apart
I can't explain it, that's just who You are
Don't want perfection, You just want my heart

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Britt Nicole
Through Your Eyes
from the album Britt Nicole
Through Your Eyes
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