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Invade My Soul

Searching for truth, to hold on to
You're looking for a reason
So much confusion, the world is crying out
It's time for me to speak aloud
I will never be silent, can never be tamed
I will always speak your name

You invade my soul
Lord take control
I'm coming back, coming back to (2x)

Throw away your sadness, let it go
Let the oil of gladness take control
Give him your burdens, cast your cares
He died for you, He'll always be there

You, you're always there
I remember you, you remember me
I live in you

Holy are you, worthy are you
You're worthy of the praise I bring to you
Then Come, then you Come

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By The Tree
Invade My Soul
from the album Invade My Soul
Invade My Soul
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