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  • Caedmon's Call

    The Only One

    Caedmon's Call

    from the album Long Line Of Leavers

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    I come from a long line of leavers
    Out of the garden gate with an apple in their hands
    I expect and I believe
    You're gonna run out of love
    You're gonna give me the shove
    ‘Cause that's the thing that lovers do
    Then there's you

    You found me cynical and jaded
    You lifted my mask and lightened me up
    And when my black eyes have faded
    I found they were not gouged
    Had the coal in my mouth
    I've never seen the old age new
    And then there's you

    You're the only one
    Who knows my secrets
    You're the only one
    Still you're the only one
    Who never leaves
    And I wake up to this mystery

    I betrayed you with a little kiss
    I thought you'd find someone better
    And you forgave me even for this
    Came to the upper room
    You dragged me from the tomb
    There is none both good and true
    Then there's you
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