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  • I Am With You

    Calling Glory

    from the album Verse 1
    Before I begin I just want to say, that I love you in every way
    You thought I had left you, you thought I had gone,
    When I've been right here all along

    But the fact is I remember, every little prayer you've said
    And every tear you've cried, when you thought you were alone

    I am with you in the night, I'm never that far right by your side
    In the darkness and the light, I am with you, I am with you

    Verse 2
    And every time you feel you're far away
    Not looking inside the humble arms of grace
    I see that you're running I know that you're scared
    But if you'd lift your eyes you would know I'm there

    Oh you're not too far, that I don't see where you are
    Even in the depths I am there
    And if you'd come and call my name, you would never be the same
    I want you to know that I care

    Publishing: Soncured Music

    Writer(s): Calling Glory
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