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Nobody (feat. Matthew West)

Why You ever chose me
Has always been a mystery
All my life I've been told I belong at the end of the line

With all the other Not-Quites
With all the Never-Get-It-Rights
But it turns out we're the ones You've been looking for all this time

I'm just a nobody
Trying to tell everybody
All about Somebody who saved my soul
Ever since You rescued me
You gave my heart a song to sing
I'm living for the world to see
Nobody but Jesus
I'm living for the world to see
Nobody but Jesus

Moses had stage fright
And David brought a rock to a sword fight
You picked 12 outsiders nobody would've chosen
And You changed the world

Well, the moral of the story is
Everybody's got a purpose
So when I hear that devil start talking to me, saying
“Who do you think you are”
I say…

So let me go down, down, down in history
As another blood-bought faithful member of the family
And if they all forget my name, well, that's fine with me
I'm living for the world to see
Nobody but Jesus

Publishing: © 2018 Be Essential Songs (BMI) (admin at EssentialMusicPublishing.com) / My Refuge Music (BMI) (admin at CapitolCMGPublishing.com); Highly Combustible Music / House Of Story Music Publishing / One77 Songs (ASCAP) (adm by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing); Xeva Music / Works by Pure Note Songs (BMI) (admin by The Royalty Network Inc.)

Writer(s): Mark Hall, Matthew West, Bernie Herms

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Casting Crowns
Nobody (feat. Matthew West)
from the album Only Jesus
Nobody (feat. Matthew West)
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