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In the often-disposable world of pop music, Chasen Callahan, the frontman of the band Chasen, is a big believer in writing lyrics inspired by real life. Often finding inspiration in his family as well as the people he meets at his home church, Chasen’s catchy songs have a formidable combination of substance and style.

Comprised of Chasen (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Evan Silver (guitar), Aaron Lord (drums) and touring bassist Phil Snowden, the Greenville, South Carolina-based band got its start with an independent album, Another Way of Life. This led to a record deal with OMG records where they recorded a promotional tune for Dasani Water.

Chasen's first single off their album Shine Through the Stars was “Crazy Beautiful,” a radio favorite and the 22nd most-played song of 2008. They followed this up with their second album, That Was Then, This is Now in March of 2010, and produced two singles off the album, "On and On" and "Castaway". In the midst of their success, Chasen continues to lead worship at his home congregation, Marathon Church.

“I was—and still am—content to lead worship on Sunday mornings,” Chasen shares. “But I also felt God saying ‘I want you to get beyond these four walls and reach people for Me.’ So it’s great to be able to do both.”

Chasen has also produced songs with more of a personal feel. “There is Love” was inspired by a season when Chasen was really missing his wife and son, and “Airplane” is a moving song about loss that was inspired by the untimely death of a close friend. Chasen offers an authentic voice in a world that’s become increasingly superficial.



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