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Deep Enough To Dream

Lazy summer afternoon
Screened in porch and nothin' to do
I just kicked off my tennis shoes
Slouchin' in a plastic chair
Rakin' my fingers through my hair
I close my eyes and I leave 'em there
And I yawn, and sigh, and slowly fade away

Deep enough to dream in brilliant
colors I have never seen
Deep enough to join a billion people
for a wedding feast
Deep enough to reach out and touch
the face of the One who made me
And oh, the love I feel, and oh the peace
Do I ever have to wake up

Awakened by a familiar sound
A clumsy fly is buzzin' around
He bumps the screen and he tumbles down
He gathers about his wits and pride
And tries again for the hundredth time
'Cause freedom calls from the other side
And I smile and nod, and slowly drift away


'Cause peace is pouring over my soul
See the lambs and the lions playin'
I join in and I drink the music
Holiness is the air I'm breathin'
My faithful heroes break the bread
and answer all of my questions
Not to mention what the streets aremade of
My heart's held hostage by this love


Do I ever have to wake up
Do I ever have to wake up
Do I really have to wake up now

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Chris Rice
Deep Enough To Dream
from the album Deep Enough To Dream
Deep Enough To Dream
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