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Cochren & Co.

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"Tried to walk on my own
 But I wound up lost 
 Now I'm making my way to the foot of the cross
 It's not a trophy for the winners, it's a shelter for the sinners
 And it's right where I belong." - lyrics from "Church (Take Me Back)"

Singer/songwriter and piano player Michael Cochren hails from Montgomery, Indiana. As a worship leader at his hometown church, Cochren's piano based soulful pop sound has been influenced by artists such as Billy Joel, NEEDTOBREATHE and Ray Charles. 

Michael crafted his new song "Church (Take Me Back)" with the goal of stirring peoples' affections for the church...

"Today it’s pretty vogue for Christians to distance themselves from church in order to be relevant, but the Church is God’s design to spread truth and love. We should be lifting 'Her' up and talking about how beautiful it is when the 'church' is being the Church," he says.

 Michael's music tells stories of hope, grace and second chances.


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