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Christmas Eve

I've been counting down the minutes,
I've been counting down the year.
Just to see mama outside waiting,
And daddy grinning ear to ear.

The driveway gets so crowded,
And the Earth just gets so still.

We'll all tell our stories,
We'll all sing our songs.
While the kids can't sleep from guessing,
When Santa's gonna come.
The presents all are waiting,
But I've got what I need.
There ain't nothing quite like Christmas Eve.

See there's something about the waiting,
But knowing what's to come.
And the same old conversations,
That keep us feeling young.

No one goes to sleep until,
The angel gets his wings.

Christmas Eve,
There's hope in the snow that's falling.
Christmas Eve,
And love is all around

Publishing: Sounds Better in Spanish Publishing/ASCAP

Writer(s): Dave Barnes

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Dave Barnes
Christmas Eve
from the album A December To Remember
Christmas Eve
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