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  • Dave Barnes

    Mary and Joesph

    Dave Barnes

    from the album Very Merry Christmas
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    Mary was the first of three
    Long black hair and sugar sweet
    Daddy's eyes and Momma's crooked smile
    She was barely seventeen
    Got a job keepin dishes clean
    Planned to stay in this city for awhile
    For awhile

    Joseph ran a lumber yard
    About a mile from olive park
    Quiet boy he never had much to say
    It was love right from the start
    He bought a ring and won Mary's heart
    Had hopes for a home and kids someday
    Kids someday

    The angel scared her half to death
    She would've screamed but she lost her breath
    On a midnight there in the middle of May
    He said "Oh mary don't be afraid
    You'll bear a son that the Lord has made
    Name him Jesus, He'll light the way."

    She packed the clothes, he made the plans
    They had to go to Bethlehem
    But there was nowhere left to stay
    So in a barn she gave birth
    To the King of Kings the Lord of Earth
    Just a little bitty thing sleeping on the hay
    Sleeping on the hay

    The story's too long to tell
    But he walked on water and lived through hell
    Killed on a cross and rose from the grave
    We got a King they got a son
    Mary and Joseph were the only ones
    There on that very first Christmas day
    There on that very first Christmas day
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