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  • David Crowder Band

    SMS (Shine)

    David Crowder Band

    from the album All This For A King: The Essential Collection
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    Send me a sign
    A hint, a whisper
    Throw me a line
    'Cause I am listening

    Come break the quiet
    Breathe Your awakening
    Bring me to life
    'Cause I am fading

    Surround me
    The rush of angels' wings

    Shine Your light so I can see You
    Pull me up, I need to be near You
    Hold me, I need to feel love
    Can You overcome this heart that's overcome?

    You sent a sign
    A hint, a whisper
    Human divine
    Heaven is listening

    Death laid love quiet
    Yet in the night a stirring

    All around
    The rush of angels

    O the wonder of
    The greatest love has come

    Shine Your light so all can see it
    Lift it up, 'cause the whole world needs it
    Love has come, what joy to hear it
    He has overcome
    He has overcome
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