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    David Dunn

    David Dunn’sToday Is Beautiful” was actually inspired by a trip to Disney World with his family. His nephew was soaking up the experience until his sister wouldn’t let him push a stroller carrying their little brother. What ensued was a giant meltdown in the "Happiest Place on Earth," putting a damper on the whole day. While the situation was exacerbated by the child’s immaturity, David drew a parallel to adults’ reaction when things don’t go as planned, or as desired.

    “We, as humanity, do the same thing when we’re going on about our lives, and this little problem comes up. It irks us, and we focus on it so much that it becomes this huge ordeal that puts us in a state of misery that we can’t get over,” David explains on his website. “We neglect to just lift our eyes and see that, in reality, we really are living in Disney World. We are in this place where we have a God who loves and cares about us and wants the best for us.”

    Initially going to college for an engineering degree, David’s passion for music was showcased during the midnight hours between classes at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. He recorded his first album during his senior year before leaving to go to Africa for a year on a missions/humanitarian trip. David returned to the States a changed man, and while recovering from malaria, he tweaked his music and continued to write songs with depth, on topics that he cared most about. 

    The new approach proved successful as he gained popularity and would later appear on NBC’s “The Voice.” The aforementioned single “Today is Beautiful” is off David’s new album Crystal Clear, which released in July 2014. 


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    Crystal Clear
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