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Ready To Be Myself

Today, Today is the day
I'm waking up to say
I'm tired of the way
The way that I change
I rearrange
Myself to be
Someone that everybody loves
So I become someone I'm not

Who am I gonna be
When nobody's watching me
I want to be real
What am I gonna do
To live what I know is true?
I let go
Oh I've been someone else
God, I'm ready to be myself

Now, now is the time
To open up my eyes
And see what I will find
I find I made up my mind
To be someone that everybody loved
So I became someone I'm not

I want to be something more
Than a man who needs to be adored
It shouldn't matter to me
With every breath that I have left
I wanna breath it out hoping that
He says “you've done well”

Publishing: 2015 Songs From the Penalty Box (BMI), CentricSongs (SESAC), Grant Terry Music (BMI)

Writer(s): David Dunn, Josh Bronleewe, Grant Terry

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David Dunn
Ready To Be Myself
from the album Crystal Clear
Ready To Be Myself
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