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Say The Words

Solomon once wrote
Better is open rebuke
Than hidden love
So say the words

Silence is golden
But these are the words that the world needs to hear
Terms of compassion will cause a reaction
As love draws them near

But still we choose to hide
Behind the face of pride
Pretending we are blind to the calling
This is mu point and case
If hate can be erased
With such a simple phrase
Why are we stalling
[Say the word Say the words Say I loveyou Say the words Say I love you Say the word I long to hear]
Ya gotta say I Yeah ya gotta say it say it/ Some just assume we already know Of the love that they feel Some have a heart-felt emotion But never the words to reveal/I think we all relate so why are we afraid To let our hearts convey what we're feeling There is a world in need With hungry souls to feed And love can intercede If we're willing/The word love Well it was once over-used Back in the'70's the word was abused But I refuse to let love be diluted We can't allow physical lust to intrude it Or pollute it 'cause there ain't no excuse For the greatest gift of all to be abused So choose to lose the prode that may tug at you Don't be afraid of the words "I love you"

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dc Talk
Say The Words
from the album Intermission
Say The Words
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