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Elevation Worship

"You know there is nothing in the world like the love of our God. It can carry us through our darkest night it provides strength in our weakness and I've found that scripture to be true, that it can even turn our mourning into dancing and our sorrow into a song of praise. So, our hope is that "Echo" would lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face." - Chris Brown, Worship Leader - Elevation Worship


"When night has fallen
  When fear is common
  Still You're calling me
  When faith is lost
  And my hope exhausted
  You will be my strength
                                   -lyrics from "Echo"

Made up of worship leaders and musicians who serve faithfully in church every weekend, Elevation Worship is a band that launched out of Elevation Church in 2006. One of the core precepts of Elevation Worship is the belief  in the power of writing and recording songs that lift up the name of Jesus.

Band members include Chris Brown, Anna Sailors, Jane Williams, Jenna Winders Barrientes and Jonsal Barrientes, as well as many other contributing musicians and vocalists. They are based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Part of what makes songwriting special is giving people prayers they don’t know how to pray, giving people truth that they don’t know how to verbalize.” – Wade Joye, Worship Pastor - Elevation Church


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