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    Open Up The Sky


    from the album Have I Ever Told You
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    I've had my share of heartache
    I've felt the sting of pain
    From standing out in the desert
    Praying for rain
    I've seen my lonely teardrops
    Fall down my lonely face
    Oh how I long to hear the
    Thunder roll again

    And I want to be
    Swept away in Thee
    Only You know what I need - so

    Open up the sky, rain down Your love
    I don't care if I never get enough
    I just want to be caught in that flood
    So open up the sky, yeah
    Open up the sky

    I've had my disappointments
    I've cried a time or two
    These showers of love I long for
    They only come from You
    Now I want to go deeper
    Fall in over my head
    So send Your Holy downpour
    And let the healing begin

    And I can't wait
    To be swept away
    Only You can stop the pain - so

    repeat chorus

    Wash me away
    'Cause I don't think I can wait another day
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