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    So Is His Love


    from the album I Want To Be Like You
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    Can you see the sun rise over the hill
    Rising warm, free and bright
    Feel the grass beneath your feet
    Soft, smooth and green

    So is His love
    So is His grace
    So is the Lord
    Come trust His name
    See your life renewed
    He's the way of today
    Yesterday and to come
    So I will
    Sing of Your praise
    All of my days
    Walk in Your hope
    Stand in Your hope

    Can you feel the rain fall on your face
    Washing all the dirt away
    Bring your feet down, splash around
    This is our life in Him

    Do you feel His love fall all over you
    Warming you as the sun
    Do you feel the light shine on your face
    Making the shadows run far, far away
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