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    Watching Over Me


    from the album Have I Ever Told You
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    Where could I run, where could I hide
    Where could I go where You are not
    Where could I be, where You don't see
    All of these demons chasing me
    What kind of sin could I find myself in
    Where You wouldn't stop
    The world from spinning 'round and 'round
    When it seems like I am upside down
    But in Your comfort I have found
    A safe place to fall

    And I'll be alright
    Safe inside
    Stayin' alive
    As long as You are watching over me

    Where could I go where I don't know
    All of the comfort You bestow
    Where could I fall, where could I land
    Where I'm not resting in Your hand
    How could I stray too far away
    Where You won't leave the ninety-nine
    To come and bring me back
    And put me on Your shoulders and
    Carry me around Your neck
    Until it's safe to walk

    repeat chorus

    And I will be fine
    'Cause You are by my side
    And I'll be ok
    'Cause You're with me every day
    This one thing is sure
    I could never, ever ask for more

    And I'll be alright
    Safe inside
    Stayin' alive
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