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    He Weeps


    from the album NOW
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    Where is God when the rain falls?
    And takes the car off the road?
    Is He standing in the storm?
    Where is God when the child cries?
    And no one bends to pick her up?
    Could someone tell me what He does?

    He weeps, He weeps with you
    He weeps with me
    When I'm on my knees
    And I taste defeat
    He weeps, He weeps

    Where is God when she won't eat?
    When her bones start to show?
    Is He there when she's lost control?
    Where is God when a father?
    Turns his back on his son?
    Can someone tell me what He does?


    If today's your darkest day
    And you can't escape the pain
    Don't be afraid
    He will never walk away

    Chorus (X2)
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