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I lived a life so reckless I don't know how I made it through was always taking
Chances and trying everything but You
So why am I playing it safe when it comes to giving You my life
I can't let fear hold me back from doing what I know is right

I felt Your spirit show me things that I would never believe could ever happen in the time of my life
And even though it scares me just to think that You've chosen me
I promise I won't put up a fight

I wanna live dangerous, risk it all for You Lord
I need You to wake me up from the life I've known before
Whatever it takes, I want You to make, make me more like You
There's nothing I won't give up, I wanna live dangerous

I know You been waiting for me to give You all I am
To be a light in the darkness, strong enough to take a stand
I don't wanna box You in or keep You hidden anymore
Cuz You're the only one worth giving my life for


All my life I've lived this way Waiting for love, praying for change So I will take a risk, take a leap of faith I'll never be the same, no


Publishing: © 2012 Dayspring Music, LLC (BMI) / Sony/ATV Tree Publishing / Jord A Lil Music (BMI) / Big Toonsfarm Music (ASCAP) Produced by Chuck Butler All Vocals and Raps: Manwell Reyes and Blanca Callahan All Instruments and Programming: Chuck Butler Mixed by F. Reid Shippen at Robot Lemon Assisted by Erik "Keller" Jahner

Writer(s): Manwell Reyes / Blanca Callahan / Chuck Butler / Tony Battaglia

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Group 1 Crew
from the album Fearless
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