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    Gungor’s odd combination of banjos, horns, strings, a toy piano and a glockenspiel makes the band unique in both its music and its message.

    “Musically, it’s kind of odd,” explains lead singer Michael Gungor. “We rock pretty hard, then we pull out the banjo and sit around and cry together.”

    A worship leader since the age of 12, Michael opted to change the name of the band previously known as Michael Gungor Band to take the spotlight off of himself, and also to bring a new level of authenticity to the band’s music. “We had become ‘professional’ Christians. We got to the point where we needed to figure out how to be the church in a more honest way for us,” says Michael.

    Gungor's album Ghosts Upon The Earth (September 19, 2011), celebrates the beauty of life in a world full of pain. The title for the album was inspired by the C.S. Lewis allegory The Great Divorce. In the story, the “ghosts” of a gray town encounter a heaven that is incredibly real, “Sometimes it seems like the most real thing is what we can see and experience with our senses around us- this life, the tangible,” explains Michael Gungor. “Ideas like love, like God, these things sometimes feel more disconnected and ethereal, like that’s the ghostly realm. But what if that’s wrong, and God and love is actually what is most real, and we are more like ghosts walking upon the earth, hoping to become more real?”

    The band has officially come into their own, and this is evident in their latest body of work, “I feel like we’re a bit more comfortable with who we are at this point, and it’s been nice that there seems to be this little niche that we’ve found where people are excited to explore these things with us." Michael says. "Music doesn’t have to fit the mold to move people’s hearts, and at the end of the day, that’s really what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to make honest music that opens people’s hearts.”

    Gungor recently released A Creation Liturgym (October 9, 2012)- a live album recorded throughout Gungor’s 2012 Spring tour.

    The band is also currently on tour in selected cities across the U.S.


    Beautiful Things
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    A Creation Liturgy (Live)
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    I Am Mountain
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