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    Hyland Christian rock band Hyland began like many others- working countless hours trying to break into the music industry. However, it was by accident that the band finally nailed their big break. “A friend of ours was interning at Aaron Sprinkle’s recording studio. So he was listening late one night and actually forgot to close out the session on the computer before he left,” lead singer Jon Lewis explains. “So Aaron (who has produced Kutless, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson and Anberlin, among others) came into work the next morning, started up the computer and was like ‘What’s this?’ when he pushed play. Within five days Aaron had pitched us to the label, and we had an offer for a record deal in our inbox.”

    Consisting of now Jon Lewis (lead vocals), Mitch Hansen (guitar), Ben Early (keys), and Steve Weigel (drums), the band first came together in 2006 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Known for their catchy sound and inspirational lyrics, the band aims to write music that can speak to a wide variety of people. “Our music style comes from our influences, and our subjects stem from life,” Jon says. “I look at my writing as an outlet. I never kept a journal, but anyone following our music over the years could have a really good indication of my journey.”

    After landing a record deal, Hyland released their debut album Weights & Measures (May 3, 2011), which featured the song,“This Love is Free.” “I think as human beings we’re constantly wanting to see how we measure up and compare to everyone else, whether it’s our search for worth, fame, success, whatever,” Jon said. “That’s why we titled the album Weights & Measures because it’s all about how—and Who—we balance ourselves with. With ‘This Love is Free,” we wanted to emphasize just how important it is to remember that it’s all about God’s grace and really believing in it because God doesn’t grade on a curve. He’s always like ‘Let’s learn and move on.’”

    Their latest song, “Beauty in the Broken,” off the album Finding Our Way (October 22, 2012), speaks of God’s never ending love and compassion for his people. “When I think about being broken, and a shattered life, I think of a broken leg. I feel like there are so may Christians walking around with our legs broken, and were like, ‘It’s cool God I got it, my legs broken and I want to do this on my own,’” Jon explains. “I feel like so many times God is like, ‘I’m compassionate forever. I see you in your lowly state and I want to wrap you in my arms.’ I feel as Christians were so determined to do it on our own, and sometimes we need a reminder that even in the lowly state, even when were broken, God loves us, and he wants to hold us. He wants to lift us up.”

    Hyland recently announced on Facebook that they will be heading out on the road again this Spring, with tour dates and show locations to be announced soon.


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    Finding Our Way
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