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  • Jars of Clay


    Jars of Clay

    from the album Much Afraid
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    You name me
    Who am I
    That I should company with something so divine
    Mercy waits
    Prospects of finding freeing
    Freeing me

    Love is the thing this time I'm sure
    And I couldn't need you more now
    The way that you saw things were so pure

    You name me
    Thoughts of peace can overcome anything
    Mirror spin
    Wicked tales
    Here lies reflections of
    Deceptions of

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Missing the me from you you gave to me
    Don't like the one I have created today
    Crossing nameless from the one I've earned
    To be the one the one you gave to me

    You name me
    Name me
    Finding freeing me

    [Repeat Chorus 2x]

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