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  • Jason Castro


    Jason Castro

    from the album Only A Mountain
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    You've got your mother's eyes
    So young and innocent but then comes life
    And as you grow and get older
    I hope you always believe
    You're everything you were made to be

    I wanna tell you something
    I wanna tell you that you're beautiful
    Not lost in a sea of souls
    I wanna tell you something
    You're more important than you'll ever know
    Just look around you
    Do you know that you're loved
    Do you know
    Do you know that you are enough

    Some day you'll tell me that you're fine
    But I'll always know it when you're not alright
    When you're feeling defeated
    Insecure and let down
    Don't let the pain put your fire out


    Yeah, we've all got pieces, we've got bruises
    Grace can cover them up
    You don't have to be somebody perfect 'cause you're enough

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