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All I Want

I come with a heart that is desperate, I cry wanting just to be heard by You
I pray that You won't remain silent. That You'll stand here beside me, that my heart won't call out in vain

All I want
Is just to see You, Jesus
And I long
Just to hear You voice
And I need
Just to be near You
Cause Your presence is
All I want

I come with a heart that is hungry. I sing wanting You just to know my love
I pray that my life will be counted, for the sake of Your Kingdom
That my heart with truly be Yours

One day we'll look on Your face
We'll see You in all of Your glory
And we won't need the sun
And we won't need the moon
All we will need is You

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Jeff Deyo
All I Want
from the album Saturate
All I Want