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  • Jeremy Camp

    Let It Fade

    Jeremy Camp

    from the album Beyond Measure
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    Have you been walking on a surface that's uncertain
    Have you helped yourself to everything that's empty
    You can't live,
    This way too long,
    There's more than this,
    More than this

    Have you been standing on your own feet too long
    have you been looking for a place where you belong
    You can rest,
    You will find rest

    Let this old life crumble,
    Let it fade,
    Let this new life offered be your saving grace,
    Let this old life crumble let it fade,
    Let it fade

    Have you been holding on to what this world has offered
    Have you been giving in to all these masquerades it will be gone,
    It will be gone


    Are you carrying the weight too much,
    Are you running from the call

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