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Jeremy Riddle

While part of his job description involves recording albums these days, Jeremy Riddle says he’s a worship leader—pure and simple. Jeremy's focus on pleasing God gave him a particular distinction in his song, "Sweetly Broken." The tune is a heartfelt reflection on how God often works best—through our weakness.

“(Worship) is what I do. I’ve been on staff at churches and I’ve been a pastor, but mainly I’ve operated as a worship leader,” Jeremy shares. “I’ll be honest… it worried me when worship music began to run to the top of the Christian music charts. It seemed that worship started to become a part of the industry with the center of attention on the artist. But worship has nothing to do with a person. Worship is anything that brings pleasure to the heart of God, and if we really want to please the heart of God, it probably has very little to do with the songs that we sing.”

Two years later in 2009, Jeremy followed up his initial success with his second album, The Now and Not Yet. Hoping to create “fresh expressions of worship that both exalt the Creator and encourage and enlighten the people of God,” the album featured “Bless His Name,” which was written by Jeremy’s friend Tony Sanchez.

“There are many implications of The Now And Not Yet,” Jeremy says. “So much of this world is under the reign of darkness, but in the midst of that you have the Church breaking through and setting things right as she follows Jesus and does the same things that He did. As we proclaim the Gospel, His kingdom comes. As we worship, we usher in the kingdom. The Now And Not Yet is a depiction of the tension of time in which we live and worship and walk out our faith.”

Jeremy's latest album Furious, came together when he was discovering how closely correlated worship and community actually are,“These songs are a reflection of being part of something bigger than just me,” Jeremy says. “Through some significant growth in understanding and living out humility from a very independent place, I’ve shifted into a place where I can’t even claim this record is completely inspired by me. There are so many elements of the album that could never have flowed from me had I not been connected to people walking out life with me.”

The singer approached this album with more simplicity and pulled from the rawness of his heart,“This record is different because I wasn’t intentionally seeking out songs for specific needs or situations,” Jeremy says. “Worship songwriters should always ask if the content of their songs is really the word offering of our heart or simply a well-crafted lyric. I continuously tried to direct my focus onto delivering authentic expressions of my heart over something catchy and quotable.”

Jeremy Riddle is currently on tour in selected cities across the United States.


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