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JJ Weeks Band

After years of releasing independent projects and performing lots of live shows across the nation, JJ Weeks Band, brings a message of hope with their new album, All Over The World (March 22, 2013).

Produced by Scotty Wilbanks of Third Day, the record follows years of life challenges for the band- from health problems to family deaths. All the songs on the album were inspired by the hope we can only find through Christ.

“We want people to know that God has their back. That they can trust Him in the midst of the struggles of life because He loves us,” says lead singer JJ Weeks. “This album is about encouraging people. The theme of the record is simple, God loves us more than we can imagine or ever define. We have all gone through hard times in this life but because of God’s great love for us we have a hope that all things work together for good for those who love God.”

In addition to Weeks, the band consists of Cody Preston (guitar), Jon Poole (drums), and David Hart (bass). For JJ, music ministry was something he was always drawn to, though he didn't always want to pursue it professionally.

"I started singing when I was six in church and loved it. As I got older I really didn't feel like there was enough financial stability in music to make it a career choice, so I decided to go into youth ministry and just sing when it came up,” he explains. “However, it seemed like music just followed me. Every move I made there was someone wanting me to sing, until finally I realized this was what God was calling me to do."

Their song, “Let Them See You,” off the album All Over The World, is a tune that was written by the band, but covered first by Colton Dixon on his record A Messenger.

“'Let Them See You,' was a prayer of mine for years before it ever became a song,” JJ shares. “This song is just my heart. I realized one day that this ministry wasn’t about me at all. That I was just a tool God was using to reach people. So my prayer from that day forward has been ‘God let people see more than just this imperfect flesh and blood and hear more than this imperfect voice. Let them see You in and through me.’ It is a prayer we all can pray because He wants to use every single one of us.”

JJ Weeks Band can currently be found on tour in cities across the nation.


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