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    Jonathan Thulin

    Singer/songwriter Jonathan Thulin’s latest song “Architecture” off his deluxe version of The White Room (November 5, 2013,  is a personal song that is close to his heart. “I remember standing in Stockholm, Sweden when I wrote this. I was at one of the lowest points in my life,” he says. “The sun was setting over these beautiful buildings and I thought to myself “someone built these buildings hundreds of years ago and they are still standing today” and I realized then that God wouldn’t give me more than I could handle and he created us to be legend makers. Every decision we make, every seed we plant and everything we build will last far after we leave this earth. I knew I would get through because God didn’t build me to fail.”

    For Jonathan, music has always been his passion, and he has been singing and performing since he was a young boy with his parents who were traveling evangelists. After releasing six albums with his family, Jonathan embarked on a solo career and has since performed with artists such as- Group 1 Crew, Leeland, and Remedy Drive. In addition, Jonathan is also a member of the band Press Play. 

    “When I first joined Press Play, well actually, when I first joined the label, they told me I needed to pick a music style and it was really hard for me to choose because I really like the upbeat poppy stuff, but I also wanted to do my own introspective thing, so it’s so great to be in both because with Press Play, I can do the jump up and down, fun music, and then with my other stuff, I can be more personal. So it’s been amazing,” he says. “Just being a ministry in general is so rewarding because you get to meet people right where they’re at. And that’s what’s so cool about this living room tour, just getting to come into people’s houses and just meet them where they’re at, that’s so awesome.”

    Jonathan hopes that he can use his music to reach people from all walks of life. “The reason I’m doing ministry is for people, because I really, truly have a deep love for people,” he explains. “And whether, whatever ministry you decide to do, whether that’s singing, or whether that’s being an artist, or whatever that is, I think that ministry is something that…just bringing love to people is my favorite thing.”


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